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Name Location Business
3 Media Web PO Box 616 Web Development
Accusoft 71 Lyman Street Imaging
Andruss-Peskin 386 West Main Street #16 Distributor
Ats Cases 172 Otis Street Office
Boston Group 21 Southwest Cutoff Consulting
BrainStorm Group 386 West Main Street Event management
Infrastructure Group P. O. Box 713 Consulting
Derienzo Resource Group P.O. Box 959 Consulting
Donnegan Systems 100 Otis Street, Suite 1 Doc Storage
Dynamx 34 Thayer Street Presentations
Extreme Inc 265 Main Street Consulting
Fons Corp 30 Forbes Road Optical Components
Folio Group 1A Beeman Road Marketing
Ghiringhelli 266 South Street Consulting
Hope Air 70 Bearfoot road Air Systems
Isomedix 435 Whitney Street Electronic Sterilization
Lab Connections 10 Bearfoot Road
Logic Solutions 104 Otis Street Engineering
Matec Instruments 56 Hudson Street Electronic Instruments
Miller Associates 11 Juniper Brook Rd Computer Training
NE Biomedical 96 West Main Street Consulting
PCG 109 Whitney Street Consulting
Pexco 170 Bartlett Street Tubing
RKG Projects Consulting
SCT Group 382 West Main Street Marketing
Seltec Engineering 265 Main Street  Civil Engineering
Sk Technologies 6 Thayer Street Consulting
Solmetex 50 Bearfoot Road, Suite 2 Heavy Metal
Synthenet 367 West Main Street Consulting
TA Wilson associates 15 Chesterfield Road Consulting
TD Systems 100 Bearfoot Road Networking
Test Integration Services 72 Little Pond Road Semi Conductor
Turpin Sales 2 Brigham Street Distributor
Quantek Instruments 225 Crawford Street Electronic Instruments
Vox2 367 West Main Street Cell/Wireless
Yanco 61 Oak Avenue Consulting
Zacaw 480 Green Street Consulting

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